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By Colin McPhail, The Bugle Observer

At 18, Rob McLeod was a freshman at the University of Alberta and living about an hour outside Edmonton with his aunt and uncle. After an active childhood, he was stuck in no man’s land, an athlete without a sport. Looking for exercise and not finding joy in running, he picked up an old Frisbee and marched outside to the large field behind the house. There were no lines, no boards, no nets and no instruction.

There were no rules; there was just a kid, a disc read more


The other day, I was telling a friend of mine that I haven’t had much of a break lately and she said “at least you are doing what you love which means it’s not really work”.  I thought about it for a second and wrote back “it’s the hardest I’ve ever worked”.

Many of us have heard and probably even repeated the famous Confucius quote about choosing a job you love that goes like this:

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your read more