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For the first time ever, you can watch Guts Frisbee on ESPN3!

WHEN: Sunday, September 2nd @ 4pm Eastern Standard Time (EST)

You can watch this event using the Watch ESPN app, or the ESPN3 channel on your cable subscription, Roku or apple TV OTT box. (more…)

This is a great drill/game to work on your quick release, catching, throwing, disc awareness, eye/hand coordination, and timing of your throwing & catching. (more…)

This trick shot video was filmed in Ra’anana Park, Israel featuring Yarden, Semo, and Avner on behalf of Fresh Ultimate(more…)

After a full day of running frisbee workshops, Itay and I filmed this trick shot video at a playground next to our last school of the day.

Most of the trick shots took at least 5 attempts although the foot brush took around 40 attempts! (more…)


My first morning in Israel was spent meeting some of the other coaches – Chechik, Tomer, Daniel, and Alon. They were running frisbee workshops for a kids summer camp so I just observed them to get an idea of the Fresh Ultimate program, which I would be a part of for the first 2 weeks of my trip. (more…)


The final day at the US Open was a full day of finals including Self Caught Flight (SCF), Double Disc Court (DDC), Accuracy, and Freestyle. I was in the SCF and Accuracy finals, with SCF being my favourite and strongest event. (more…)


The 5th day of competition at the 2018 US Open Overall was a full one since we were forced to move Self Caught Flight to Friday after being rained out on Thursday. Self Caught Flight is my favourite event and I was just worried we wouldn’t get it in so I’m happy they had room in the schedule. (more…)


Today was supposed to be a big day for me…and it still was, although only half as big as I was hoping. The reason? Rain! So far this week everyday has been humid, then rain, then clear skies. Today was no exception, except the rain came down with more fury than any other day and that led to the tournament director deciding to postpone Self Caught Flight until tomorrow. (more…)


Today was a long day by virtue of having DDC in the evening. The plan was to start the day off with two rounds of Accuracy, then do two rounds of Speed Flow (not an official Overall event) and then the first three rounds of DDC, King of the Court style. (more…)