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Depending on what disc sport you’re playing, or the age of kids you’re teaching, there is a frisbee or disc that will work best. Disc Golf, Ultimate, Guts, DDC, Overall, Canine Disc, Throwing & Catching. There are many types of frisbees and discs so this video talks about what is out there. (more…)

Frisbee is a dynamic sport just like swimming or track and field. There are 10 different disciplines in frisbee, more than 150 ways to throw a frisbee and infinite ways to catch. This video highlights some of the main throws in frisbee, talks about some of the most popular frisbee disciplines, and shows some tricks you can do with frisbees as well. (more…)


With the announcement by Ambassador Team Captain Bobby Hermann, Rob “Frisbee Rob” McLeod officially joins Team Innova as an Ambassador. (more…)

Back in October, Davy Whippet and I attempted to break the WFDF World Record for Canine MTA and the Guinness World Record for Flying Disc – Time Aloft, dog. Although the names are slightly different, they are the same record.

On Sunday, October 12, we successfully broke the previous record with a throw and catch of 10.56 seconds. That time was measured from the point I released the disc to when Davy caught it. The previous record was 10.14 seconds.

We received official notice from WFDF that read more

Looking back to January 1, 2014, I knew that I would be traveling a lot for frisbee but never did I dream of just how much I would end up traveling. Between January 1 and May 15, I was home for a total of 7 days; between working in Northern Alberta on a refinery and traveling for frisbee competitions, I barely spent any time at home. As the first few months went by, I hatched a plan for a summer frisbee tour. My plan was to travel North America (mostly the US) for frisbee competitions. Rather read more


Something that has fascinated me the last few years is the marketing of sports. What is better – pro football, hockey, basketball, baseball or golf? Why do some athletes in baseball make way more than athletes in hockey?

According to this article on Forbes, the AVERAGE team’s value rose 16% to $605 million, based on an ever increasing demand to show live games. That is a huge number and you can only imagine what they are able to pay their players.

Contrast this number to the read more