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Frisbees, Discs & Equipment

I get asked all the time where I buy my frisbees from and where to get disc golf baskets, so this page will be a resource where you can buy discs, baskets and other equipment, depending on your needs.

Before you read any further, I implore you to take stock of the discs that you currently own. If you don’t play competitively, then chances are that you have a crappy disc that doesn’t fly well. That means that if your disc is hard to throw and doesn’t fly well, chances are it’s not you, it’s the disc. That’s right. You can blame the disc for why you can’t throw. I can guarantee if you buy any of the discs on this page, they will fly properly, and you will have fun compared to trying to throw a dollar store disc.

Custom Frisbees

If you would like to order custom frisbees for your school, organization, or event, please Contact Me if you are interested in a Custom Order. If you’d like to have them custom stamped, you would need to order at least 100, and they come in a variety of colours (below).

Throw & Catch Discs

The best throw and catch disc on the market is either the Hero Disc Xtra 235 or the Wham-O Frisbee Fastback. The Xtra 235 is meant for dogs and is more durable but the Fastback is less expensive and great for kids of all ages, from as young as 3 years old and up.

Wham-O Frisbee Fastback

Frisbee Fastback: https://www.wrightlife.com/disc-dog/discs/wham-o-fastback-dog-frisbee-wright-life-single-disc-assorted-colors.

Hero Xtra 235 Distance

Hero Xtra 235: https://www.wrightlife.com/frisbee-dogs/innova-hero-xtra-235mm-distance-series-dog-disc-assorted-colors.

Discraft Ultrastar

If you are looking for an ultimate disc, any ultimate disc recognized by USA Ultimate for championship level play is preferred. Don’t spend more than $15 for an ultimate disc. You can buy from The Wright Life:

Discraft Ultrastar: https://www.wrightlife.com/ultimate-frisbee-discs.

Discraft Skystyler

If you are a trickster and want to get into Freestyle Frisbee, then you’ll want to throw the Discraft Skystyler, the standard disc used by Freestylers worldwide. You can buy at The Wright Life:

Skystyler: https://www.wrightlife.com/flying-disc/freestyle/discraft-sky-styler-freestyle-frisbee-misprints.

Guts Frisbee: Teams of one to five players stand 14 meters apart and let it rip.

Buy Online at The Wright Life: https://www.wrightlife.com/flying-disc-sports/wham-o-guts-pro-15.

Double Disc Court (DDC): Double Disc Court is played by two teams of two players each and two discs.

Buy Online at The Wright Life: https://www.wrightlife.com/flying-disc/wham-o-ddc-disc-used-for-double-disc-court.


The MayaFlya is packable in nearly any bag or pocket, is crocheted from cotton (or hemp) crochet, and is safe indoors or out.  From family rooms to music festivals, tailgates to taprooms, you can put your phones down for a moment and “disconnect to connect” in real life. And you can feel good knowing that your purchase is an ethical one. Use code “FrisbeeRob15” to get a 15% discount. 

Although an Aerobie Sport Ring isn’t considered a flying disc, you can still have lots of fun tossing it around (although be careful because it can go really far without much effort!). Buy from The Wright Life:

Aerobie Sport Ring

Aerobie Sport Ring: https://www.wrightlife.com/recreational-discs/aerobie-pro-flying-ring-13-3-pack-assorted-colors/.


Although not a disc, the X Zylo is a flying object that can do some really cool things in the air. Try it out!

X-Zylo: https://www.wrightlife.com/fun/x-zylo-flying-gyroscope-amazing-fun-flying-science-toy/.

Trick Discs


The XDisc is the disc I use in schools to spin on kids’ fingers and it’s a lot of fun for any age. Think of it like a giant fidget spinner that can also be thrown and it’s also been around for more than 40 years. Kids absolutely love it! Adults too!

If you are in Canada: https://www.discentral.biz/xdisc-model-f-1.

Outside of Canada: https://xddisc.com/catalog.php.

Trick Spin

The Trick Spin is basically a giant fidget spinner. Although you can’t do as many tricks as the XDisc, it’s still a lot of fun to play with and is easier to turnover.

Trick Spin: https://www.trickspin.com.

Whiz Ring for Freestyle

The Whiz Ring is fun for air brushes, body rolls tips and trick catches. It’s not really meant for throwing but it’s lightweight and a lot of fun for all ages!

Whiz Ring: http://www.wrightlife.com/flying-disc/whiz-ring-fpa-freestyle-disc.

Golf Discs

There are many different manufacturers of golf discs, but I have always preferred Innova Champion golf discs. Since February 2017, I have been a sponsored player on the Innova Ambassador Team, although I have been throwing Innova discs since I started playing in August 2010.

I buy mine through The Wright Life, where you can request a specific colour and size. I also like to buy locally, so in Calgary I go to Lifesport and Don’s Hobby Shop.

Buy online: https://www.innovadiscs.com/disc/makani.

If you are brand new to disc golf, I recommend the Innova Zephyr/Makani. I would also recommend for anyone getting into disc golf to start with a putter, then work your way to a midrange and then up to a driver. If you can’t throw with a lot of power, you’ll find that you can throw a putter just as far as a driver. It’s all about progression. Many manufacturers sell starter packs which are a good option as well.

Innova Golf Discs

The Wright Life: https://www.wrightlife.com/disc-golf/.

Innova Pro Shop: https://proshop.innovadiscs.com.

Disc Golf United: https://store.discgolfunited.com.

If you live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, you can buy in store:

Mini Disc Golf

Mini frisbees: https://www.wrightlife.com/disc-golf/wham-o-wright-life-mini-frisbee.

Mini disc golf basket: https://www.wrightlife.com/flying-disc/innova-discatcher-mini-disc-golf-basket.

Dog Discs

First of all, DO NOT buy the $0.69 discs from pet stores that look like paper plates made from plastic. They are crappy discs, that don’t fly well and that are dangerous for your dogs.

Now, depending if you have a dog with a really hard bite or a soft bite, you’ll want to order different kinds of discs. Also, if you’re going to be competing in disc dog competitions, the type of disc will make a difference so be sure to ask the organizers before you buy specific discs. For general throwing to your dog, I recommend either the Hero Xtra 235 or the Super Hero 235. The Super Hero is much more durable but it’s also heavier and is more expensive.

Hero Xtra 235 Distance

Hero Xtra 235: https://www.wrightlife.com/frisbee-dogs/innova-hero-xtra-235mm-distance-series-dog-disc-assorted-colors.

Super Hero 235 (more durable)

Super Hero 235: https://www.wrightlife.com/frisbee-dogs/hero-disc-super-hero-dog-frisbee-235mm-canine-flying-disc.


Depending on the disc sport you’re playing, some equipment is required. For ultimate, cleats are always nice, and so too is a bag to carry your discs, cleats and sweaty clothes.

For cleats, I’ve always been a fan of the Nike Speed or Vapor line of football cleats although there is a new ultimate specific cleat from Universe Point that I really like too.

Football Cleats for Ultimate Frisbee

Eastbay: https://www.eastbay.com.

Universe Point Ultimate Cleats

Universe Point: https://www.universepoint.com

Ultimate Frisbee Duffel Bag

For a bag, I have been using (and love) the Greatest ultimate bag, which you can order here (use promo code UltimateRob2018 to get 10% off):

Greatest Bag: http://www.greatestbag.com. (Review | Overview)

For disc golf, there are many options for equipment including towels, bags, carts, shoes, baskets, and accessories. Adidas Outdoor has been a huge supporter of disc golf, so I recommend supporting them for shoes. There are many stores that carry all of these products, but here are the ones I recommend:

Super HeroPack

Disc golf bag: Super HeroPack – https://store.discgolfunited.com/catalog/product/view/id/6240/s/super-heropack/category/40/.

Innova Traveler Disc Golf Basket

Please contact me for pricing and availability (depends on where you are ordering from).

**NOTE: If you are a school, you are eligible for educational pricing on the portable Innova Traveler basket. Please Contact Me if you are a school.

Innova DISCatcher Sport

Order from Disc Golf United: https://store.discgolfunited.com/gear/targets/discatcher-sport-24.html.

Adidas Outdoor Shoes for Disc Golf

Disc Golf shoes: http://www.adidasoutdoor.com.

Barefoot Running Shoes

http://www.vivobarefoot.com – wearing minimalist shoes (or barefoot shoes) are what is best for our feet to strengthen our toes and feet and ankles and will help reduce the impact on our knees and body. I have been wearing these shoes since 2009 years and have been an ambassador since 2012.


When it’s really cold outside or wet, I recommend throwing with gloves. The best gloves I’ve tried are Layout Ultimate gloves, and I’ve also set 3 Guinness World Records wearing them!

Layout Ultimate: https://www.layoutultimate.com/collections/gloves.

Anything I’ve missed? Let me know by Contacting Me.