I get asked all the time where I buy my frisbees from and where to get disc golf baskets, so this page will be a resource where you can buy discs, baskets and other equipment, depending on your needs.

Before you read any further, I implore you to take stock of the discs that you currently own. If you don’t play competitively, then chances are that you have a crappy disc that doesn’t fly well. That means that if your disc is hard to throw and doesn’t fly well, chances are it’s not you, it’s the disc. That’s right. You can blame the disc for why you can’t throw. I can guarantee if you buy any of the discs on this page, they will fly properly, and you will have fun compared to trying to throw a dollar store disc.

If you would like to order custom frisbees for your school, organization, or event, please Contact Me. You can have them custom stamped with your school/company logo, and have your choice of colours.

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