Rob McLeod to Attempt 3 Guinness World Records at the 2018 Silver Skate Festival

On Saturday, February 17, 2018, Rob “Frisbee Rob” McLeod will attempt to break his 3 Guinness World Records for Self Caught Flight on Ice Skates from 12-1pm at Hawrelak Park during the Silver Skate Festival. (more…)

February is Heart Month

Almost 16 years ago, my mom died from a heart attack.

The “typical” heart attack signs weren’t there for her. Because those signs are for men, not women. After she passed away and they had studied her heart, we were told that they believed she had had a series of smaller heart attacks leading up to the one that ultimately took her life. Although there were early signs, we just thought she was tired, weak, not feeling very well, and had the flu. However, it was much more serious than that, but we didn’t know. Had we known more about heart disease, she might still be alive today.


Frisbee Rob Remains on Innova’s Ambassador Team for 2018

Innova Discs has confirmed that Rob “Frisbee Rob” McLeod will be joining the Ambassador Team for the second consecutive year. Last year was Rob’s first time being sponsored by Innova Discs. (more…)

Fall 2017 Frisbee Workshops at Sunchild School

In the fall of 2017, I spent 3 days at Sunchild School talking to the students about Kindness, Acceptance, Determination and Unplugging. I challenged the students to get Unplugg’d and spend less time in front of a screen. I also taught frisbee workshops for the 3 days that I was at the school, got to meet some of the parents, and the school actually bought enough frisbees that every student got to take one home. (more…)

PLAY Calgary February 2018 Meeting

I was invited to speak at the February PLAY Calgary Meeting which was hosted at the Shane Homes YMCA in NW Calgary. Only recently opened, this is the largest YMCA in the WORLD! The meeting was slated from 1-3 which included a facility tour at the beginning, and all I can say is WOW.


Basketball Frisbee Trick Shot on First Attempt

I spoke to a group of 541 junior students about Kindness, Determination and Unplugging. I then did a frisbee demo and made the basketball frisbee trick shot on the first throw! (more…)

Introduction to Freestyle Disc (Frisbee)

Performing creative, artistic and athletic moves with flying discs is the essence of freestyle. One of the most dramatic events in disc sports, competitive freestyle combines aspects of gymnastics and dance with the basic game of throw and catch. Teams of two or three players perform choreographed routines consisting of throws, catches and moves with one or more discs. (more…)

Frisbee Rob’s Top 5 Tips for Public Speaking

Although I’ve been speaking in public since elementary school (I fondly remember writing notes on recipe cards that I would refer to as I did my speech), my speaking abilities really improved once I started speaking professionally in schools 4.5 years ago. (more…)

Cochrane’s Youth Active Night

I was invited to teach frisbee during the weekly Youth Active Night in Cochrane. Every week, they showcase a different sport. Last week was futsal and next week is soccer. I was honoured and excited to have been invited to teach frisbee and they even ordered 10 Innova Makani golf discs that would be given away to 10 lucky kids. (more…)

Frisbee Trick Shot in Front of 500 Kids

I recently spoke at St Sebastian School in Calgary, Alberta and spoke to 500 kids about Acceptance, Kindness and Unplugging. I then did a frisbee demo which included a full court frisbee trickshot, which I made on the first throw!

There’s Strength in Disc Diversity

This article appeared first in the Summer 1995 edition of Disc Golf World News. I think that the sentiments expressed are relevant to all of us. Despite the fact that I am an ultimate player, I have gotten a lot out of the other disc sports, and I certainly think that any ability I have at ultimate has been helped by “cross-training”, so to speak. (more…)

Choosing the Right Frisbee or Disc

Depending on what disc sport you’re playing, or the age of kids you’re teaching, there is a frisbee or disc that will work best. Disc Golf, Ultimate, Guts, DDC, Overall, Canine Disc, Throwing & Catching. There are many types of frisbees and discs so this video talks about what is out there. (more…)

Frisbee Rob’s 2017 Year in Review

It’s hard to believe so much happened this past year so this summary will include my top personal highlights along with some of my most significant moments. Although I had less trips this past year, I went on some big trips! France, Poland, the UK, the Maritimes (twice), Virginia, Minnesota and all over Alberta & Saskatchewan. (more…)

Introduction to Frisbee

Frisbee is a dynamic sport just like swimming or track and field. There are 10 different disciplines in frisbee, more than 150 ways to throw a frisbee and infinite ways to catch. This video highlights some of the main throws in frisbee, talks about some of the most popular frisbee disciplines, and shows some tricks you can do with frisbees as well. (more…)

Growth Mindset and Guinness World Records Attempt at Monroe Elementary

A few months ago, I was contacted by a teacher at Monroe Elementary School about the possibility of having me come speak to their students, teach frisbee, help them out with a Guinness World Records attempt and speak to the parents. Monroe is a S.T.E.M. school located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has an incredibly diverse population with more than 20 languages spoken amongst the 600+ students. (more…)