Although it’s been in the planning stages for months, I can finally announce that I will be spending July in Israel & France working with Fresh Ultimate!

I cannot wait to work with Yarden Borkow, growing the sport of frisbee (ultimate, disc golf, freestyle, self caught flight, ddc, canine disc, guts, and more!)!!!

We’ll be working with kids of all ages, running events, doing team building activities for organizations, attempting to break & set some World and National Records, and coaching the U17 boys team in France!

Hoping to do some demos/sessions for Ultimate Peace as well!

This is a huge opportunity not just for the work I’ve been doing, but for the sport of frisbee, so I’m super excited for what we’re going to create, teach, and develop!

We will be posting updates, videos, and stories leading up to and during the trip, and although I’m anxious and nervous, I’m excited for change, the the unknown and unexpected, and just know that this will be a trip I’ll remember forever.

More info available here (in Hebrew):

Thanks again Yarden Borkow for believing in me, and I can’t wait to work with you during this trip!

“Let the wind guide you”

Huge thanks also to HBI – Heritage Business Interiors Inc.Innova Discs and XDISC for your support to help make this trip possible!