August 2017


A few weeks ago, I taught a group of kids from the High River Sunsations summer camp how to play frisbee and specifically, how to disc golf. (more…)

Juliana Kover, a 5-time Disc Golf World Champion and 3-time World Overall Champion, explains why she thinks there’s value in trying more than just one flying disc discipline. Although disc golf was her first love, her focus is now on frisbee freestyle and she was recently crowned the WFDF World Overall Freestyle Champion. (more…)


Join Frisbee Rob Saturday, August 26 from 11am – 12pm at Queen Elizabeth School in Kensington, Calgary. Rob is going to explain the 10 disciplines as part of the sport of frisbee (flying disc) governed by the World Flying Disc Federation and also talk about other ways to have fun with a frisbee, including playing with your dog. (more…)


Calgarian Rob McLeod won two gold medals at the WFDF World Overall Flying Disc Championships last week in Basingstoke, UK. He won Self Caught Flight and Distance. This is Rob’s 4th World SCF title in a row and his first World Distance title. (more…)