January 2017

Today was my first on-ice session at Hawrelak Park since I broke two Guinness World Records at the 2015 Silver Skate Festival on February 14, 2015.

The ice was a little rough but overall really good! There weren’t any cracks but there was a huge wind so that made getting any sort of consistent throw really tricky. I had a few big MTA’s and didn’t focus on TRC at all because the wind was too variable. (more…)

Today was another gym session because it’s too warm to skate so I took full advantage by doing the Day 2 workout from https://www.exercise.com/workout-plans/speed-skating-workout-plan(more…)

Growing up as a figure skater and later getting into hockey, I’ve been skating for pretty much my entire life. I also raced a figure skater when I was in grade 12. At the time I was playing on the high school hockey team and I was really fast. I ended up beating him to the other end although he tripped on the goal line and slammed head first into the boards. The figure skating coach was not impressed! (more…)

Today was a bittersweet day. A few days ago, my favourite uncle passed away and the initial shock wore off today so I was very emotional before training. He was a big supporter and believer of me and I’m so grateful for the time that we got to spend together. (more…)

During training, we met Mike, a resident of Calgary, who first played frisbee 40 years ago in California! It was his first time out of the house in 4 weeks so we were really glad that we were able to brighten his day 🙂 Also, we met two ultimate frisbee players who played in Guam and are hoping to compete at the 2017 World Championships of Beach in France this summer. You never know who you’ll run into! (more…)

I took the day off from on ice training and instead went to the gym to get in a speed skater workout. My on ice training sessions are going great but my legs are starting to fatigue so with less than 3 weeks left, it’s important that I work on my stamina, strength, power and mobility, which is what speed skater workouts are focused on. I’m definitely feeling it after today but I can’t let up, not when I’m so close. (more…)

I had another great training day on ice! But something I observed today is that a lot of people don’t know how to teach their kids how to skate – either for lack of skill or lack of teaching ability. In particular, most people have no idea how to teach kids to stop on skates. (more…)

This was the first on-ice training session for Jennie, after having just returned from vacation. She caught on quickly and got quite a few catches for both MTA and TRC. Jill has continued to improve each training session and today was no exception. I had a few big throws and kept working on my line and finding the optimal route especially when there’s no wind. (more…)

I’m excited to announce that I will be speaking at Glendon School on Feb 22 for Pink Shirt Day 2017! A K-12 school, Glendon celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2015 and they are located NW of Edmonton. This will be the 3rd year in a row that I’ve spoken on Pink Shirt Day and I’m hoping that things will start off a little better this year than last.



Unfortunately for us, Calgary is in the middle of a Chinook which means warm temperatures for the next 2 weeks that could cause the ice at Bowness Lagoon to be soft to the point of being unskatable. This is really unfortunate because now is the time where we want to be training, with 3.5 weeks left until we attempt to break world records at the Silver Skate Festival(more…)