October 2015


I get asked this question a lot by mostly players new to disc golf but also by a lot of frisbee players who are just getting into disc golf but familiar with other types of discs including ultimate discs or dog discs.

I think the best way to choose the right golf disc for someone all depends on their current skill level and as they improve they can buy discs to match their increasing skill level. (more…)

On Friday, October 16, Kyla and Payten, two grade 4 girls, attempted to break 3 World Records for Self Caught Flight with a frisbee. I was the official judge and helped the girls train for the event, teaching them the rules and how to throw into the wind to have the frisbee come back to them. A special thanks to Tracy for encouraging the girls and connecting me and to the mothers of both girls who came out to support them the day of the records. Also to the girls’ classmates who cheered read more