May 2015


It’s 24 degrees, with glaring sunshine and not a puff of breeze to ruffle the green, Douglas Park grass.

Then Davy appears.

Tearing towards the trees, his eyes trained at the blue disc flying above his head, he throws his body into the air in an almost artistic feat of agility.

Doing what he does best, the whippet chomps the disc in his mouth.

It’s those skills that have won Davy Whippet and his human sidekick Rob McLeod two Guinness World Records together; McLeod has another four on his own (including read more


Rob McLeod is known by many as simply “Frisbee Rob”. The Calgarian boasts 13 world records, six Guinness World Records and eight World Championships.

While some of those records are for flinging a disc the length of two and a half football fields, his best friend Davy Whippet takes half the credit for two of those records.

“He’s the first dog to catch more than 400 feet,” McLeod said.

McLeod has only had his furry read more


Robert McLeod is delivering his anti-bullying speech in the gymnasium of Fort Saskatchewan Elementary School. He encourages the students to be themselves, to be unique.

“That’s kind of my presentation. I used to figure skate and was bullied when I was figure skating, so that’s where I bring in the story of the bullying. So I connect with kids on that, and let them know you can do something different.”

McLeod’s best friend Davy is kind of different.

He has big ears, short hair and he read more


Rob McLeod & Davy Whippet were chosen as the Global Edmonton MVP on May 14, 2015.

Rob and Davy hold the Guinness/WFDF World Record for Longest Flying Disc Throw Caught by a Dog at 402 feet and also the Guinness/WFDF World Record for Canine MTA at 10.56 seconds.



There is a difference between peer conflict and bullying. I believe that it’s important for both kids and adults to understand what the difference is because peer conflict (or conflict amongst friends) is much less serious than bullying. However, bullying is a word that is overused too often and is used to represent situations which are many times not bullying.

It’s important that we use the word bullying when it is actually happening so that we can stop it and help those who are being read more


By David F. Rooney


World Champion frisbee player Rob McLeod tosses four frisbees at once during a session with Grade Six students at Columbia Park Elementary School on Thursday, April 30. McLeod was in Revelstoke for two days to work with kids and talk to them about the importance of being themselves. As a motivational speaker he specializes in talking about bullying and the importance of pursuing your passion.

Kids at Columbia Park Elementary School have had a remarkable couple of days spent hanging out with a world record holder — Rob (Frisbee Rob) McLeod who has 13 World Records, 8 World Championships and 6 Guinness World Records.

The Calgary-based sportsman is a remarkably effective motivational speaker who specializes in talking with kids about bullying, being unique and pursuing their passions. He brought that message to Revelstoke for two days of interacting with CPE students.

“The read more