April 2015


For the past four years, since first hearing about this tournament, it’s easily become my favourite weekend of the year because I get to see my frisbee family. This year was special because I played really well and ended up in the top 10 overall! I won Distance with a throw of 176 yards and I also won MTA and the Mr. Bubble trophy with a catch at 11.5 seconds!

You can watch video of my winning throw here:

This weekend would not have been possible or as special without the help from Jason and read more


In the summer of 2012, I met Ken Westerfield at the US Open Overall Flying Disc Championships in Santa Barbara, California at Chase Palm Park, which is legendary for freestyle frisbee. Ken is a Hall of Famer and a legend in every sense of the word and in 2013 was inducted into the Disc Golf Hall of Fame with the following:

Ken Westerfield is an icon of disc golf and one of the strongest overall competitors in read more


The second Wednesday in April marks the International Day of Pink, an initiative that seeks to support the work of students, educators, community and business in their efforts to stop bullying, discrimination, homophobia and transphobia.

Rob McLeod and Olyn Ozbick, two Calgarians, are writing a children’s book called The Davy Rule featuring real life frisbee dog Guinness World Record Holder and World Champion Davy read more


In a bid to battle bullying from a young age, local author and editor Olyn Ozbick has joined forces with Frisbee thrower extraordinaire Rob (Frisbee Rob) McLeod to publish a picture book for children, parents and educators.


Titled The Davy Rule, the two have researched and penned the children’s book using McLeod’s real life dog, Frisbee Catch World Champion and 2-time Guinness World Record holder Davy Whippet. The Davy Rule teaches tolerance and read more


About this Project

Using a twist on an old concept called The Golden Rule, The Davy Rule is a picture book for early readers ages 4 – 6. Filled with vibrant drawings and fun language for children, and supported by hands-on teaching tools for parents and teachers, The Davy Rule helps children identify bullying and shows them what to do in unique and helpful ways.

Featuring the real life Frisbee Catch World Champion and 2-time Guinness World Record holder Davy Whippet,  read more