December 2014

Looking back to January 1, 2014, I knew that I would be traveling a lot for frisbee but never did I dream of just how much I would end up traveling. Between January 1 and May 15, I was home for a total of 7 days; between working in Northern Alberta on a refinery and traveling for frisbee competitions, I barely spent any time at home. As the first few months went by, I hatched a plan for a summer frisbee tour. My plan was to travel North America (mostly the US) for frisbee competitions. Rather read more

Rob McLeod, also known as Frisbee Rob, a resident of Calgary, Alberta, will be attempting 3 Guinness World Records during the Silver Skate Festival in Edmonton, Alberta on February 14. The 3 records will be for Maximum Time Aloft (MTA), Throw Run Catch (TRC) and Self Caught Flight (SCF).

McLeod currently holds all 3 records, which he set 2 years ago at the 2013 Silver Skate Festival. Find out more about this event at

“I’ve been skating since I was a year old and read more

Technology can be a wonderful thing. It allows us to connect with friends and family all over the world, learn new and exciting things that we normally would not have the luxury to do and it has also simplified and automated many of the things we do in life.

However, does that mean that we should consume technology as much as possible?

Absolutely not.

And for that matter, neither should kids.


I was born in 1982 and first got onto the internet around 1996. My family got a computer soon thereafter read more