Rob McLeod, also known as Frisbee Rob, broke the Minnesota MTA (Maximum Time Aloft) record on June 28, 2014 when he threw a Cool Planet FB6 Wham-O fastback for 14.53 seconds into the air before catching it with one hand.

This is Rob’s 3rd best MTA in the last year behind a 15.37 and a 14.59 which he threw in Sweden at the WFDF World Overall Championships last summer.

The shorts and long sleeve are from Savage Ultimate:

You can find out more about Cool Planet at

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  • Craig says:

    Truly impressive, but I am curious about the strategy. Was it deliberate to cause the disc to take a second and time consuming path which was more effective than the balls out throw to the stategy of one big fling followed by a long (potentially really long sloping glide to land) that requires the thrower to run like hell to that point where the disc will eventually come to ground level but conceivably be very far off and therefore take a shit load of time to get to… seems like that potential has no limit as to how long it would take to reach some way far off place ( which the thrower would obviously be obliged to haul ass to but if he or she can would take a shit load of time to achieve and catch, of course, with one little tiny (well timed and placed ) desperately clenched hand. HAVE A NICE DAY … YAY when i was a kid maybe 19 or 20 and bored in between ultimate scrimmages .. i did that very thing i just described .. just for laughs … yay for discs…

    • Rob McLeod says:

      It all depends on what kind of disc you’re throwing. Typically when I’m throwing a Condor, I’ll have to run much farther to make the catch since it doesn’t float as slowly as the Fastback but it gets much more penetration and thus goes farther.

      However, the key to getting a good MTA with a Fastback is all about getting a nice high tower and having the disc float down as slowly as possible.

      For sure if you’re throwing TRC, you want to throw it as far away as possible and sprint after it, but MTA is a different strategy.

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