June 2014


How and Where to Play

Each player needs at least one disc. Choose from seemingly endless designs at stores like Lifesport or Don’s Hobby Shop, generally grouped according to the type of shot for which they’re intended: drive, mid-range approach or putt. Start with a single, light, straight-flying approach disc. Only when you can throw that with decent confidence read more


“The 25th Hour Radio Show” is one of the newest celebrity/notable name talk shows in the Midwestern United States. They’ve featured on their show Grammy Award Winners, Nobel Peace Prize Nominees, read more


I believe that Frisbee has so many benefits compared to other sports or activities and a big one is the ability to have free play time. You and a frisbee. That’s all you need. The rest is up to your imagination. Or the imagination of you and a friend. Or you and a dog. It’s fun, it’s healthy and according to this article, German psychologists find people who were allowed to play freely as children have greater social success as adults.

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