August 2012


This past weekend, Davy Whippet and I attempted the WFDF and Guinness World Record for Distance to Canine Catch which is currently held by Mark Molnar and Cheyenne Whippet at 130 yards which was set in 1994. The dog cannot cross the line until the disc has been thrown and the spot at which the dog first touches the disc is where the mark is spotted. We are allowed a maximum of 15 attempts per day. This is important because there are many read more

Rob McLeod can throw a frisbee the length of a football field and his dog Davy can catch it. Watch a sample of their skills!

Originally aired August 27, 2012.


CALGARY — A Calgary disc hurler has tossed his name into the record book again.

Rob McLeod set a new quadruped world record in Denver, CO earlier this month when he threw a Frisbee 116.5 yards to quick-footed canine Davy Whippet.

A Canadian Football League field is 110 yards between the goal-lines, to put the feat into perspective.

McLeod broke the world record the pair first set in Houston by more than 15 yards and was crowned the 2012 Quadruped read more