Frisbee Rob Named as One of the Top 75 Disc Golf Blogs on the Web

I recently found out that I was chosen as one of the top 75 Disc Golf Blogs on the web. I was actually in the top 40 (#39) which is pretty cool since I blog about a lot more than disc golf. In looking through the list, it’s exciting that there are so many websites already dedicated to the sport of disc golf – many more than ultimate! (more…)

Doing My Part #metoo

In response to the posts over the last few days from women (and some men as well), I wanted to say that I support you and I’m working everyday to teach, inspire and impact both boys and girls with my messages of kindness, acceptance, determination and Unplugging, through my frisbee workshops, through my Get Unplugg’d challenge and through my articles and videos. (more…)

Calgary Duo Break Canine MTA World Record

On Monday, October 9, 2017 Rob McLeod and Davy Whippet unofficially broke the Canine MTA Guinness and World Record with a throw and catch of 10.59 seconds.


2017 Canine MTA World Record Day 1 Update

Davy and I attempted to break the WFDF and Guinness World Record for Canine MTA (Maximum Time Aloft) which is currently 10.56 seconds. (more…)

Rob and Davy Will Attempt to Break Canine MTA World Record

Come out and cheer on Rob and Davy as they attempt to break the Guinness and WFDF World Record for Canine MTA, which is currently at 10.56 seconds. (more…)

Hockey Alberta Frisbee Workshops

For the second summer in a row, I ran a set of frisbee workshops during the Hockey Alberta player camps in Calgary, Alberta. Last year was with a younger group of kids and this summer was with a group of older, more elite hockey players. (more…)

Travel Fatigue

Ever since I started playing ultimate frisbee in 2001, it’s not uncommon for me to take 5-10 trips out of the city every year with a handful of those trips to the USA. It was never a challenge for me to take time off from work or school since my trips were for 2-3 tournaments. (more…)

High River Sunsations Disc Golf Workshop

A few weeks ago, I taught a group of kids from the High River Sunsations summer camp how to play frisbee and specifically, how to disc golf. (more…)

Why You Should Explore Frisbee With Juliana Korver

Juliana Kover, a 5-time Disc Golf World Champion and 3-time World Overall Champion, explains why she thinks there’s value in trying more than just one flying disc discipline. Although disc golf was her first love, her focus is now on frisbee freestyle and she was recently crowned the WFDF World Overall Freestyle Champion. (more…)

Frisbee Info Session

Join Frisbee Rob Saturday, August 26 from 11am – 12pm at Queen Elizabeth School in Kensington, Calgary. Rob is going to explain the 10 disciplines as part of the sport of frisbee (flying disc) governed by the World Flying Disc Federation and also talk about other ways to have fun with a frisbee, including playing with your dog. (more…)

Rob McLeod Wins 2 Gold Medals at World Frisbee Championships in England

Calgarian Rob McLeod won two gold medals at the WFDF World Overall Flying Disc Championships last week in Basingstoke, UK. He won Self Caught Flight and Distance. This is Rob’s 4th World SCF title in a row and his first World Distance title. (more…)

Live Curiously

When I asked my 88 year old grandma what was her secret to living such a long happy life, she told me to live curiously. She passed away two years ago but her words will stick with me forever. (more…)

The World Championships of Beach Ultimate

Last week, I had the opportunity to spend 9 days in the south of France for the WFDF 2017 World Championships of Beach Ultimate, on the beaches of Royan. It was my first time in France and it was incredible! My reason for being there was to run the WFDF communications, manage the accredited media, produce The Ulti Show, film interviews and create highlight videos, and work with The Stream Team, a talented group of cameramen, technical production and commentators that ended up livestreaming more than 120 games. (more…)

The Future of the Sport of Flying Disc

There has been a lot of discussion recently surrounding the Olympic movement and what the chances are that ultimate will be included in 2024. The chances are very good.

However, it all hinges on the frisbee community working together rather than being divided. (more…)

Noah Higgins Representing Canada at Junior World Championships

I’ve been spending the last two weeks in the maritimes speaking to kids and teaching frisbee in schools. I introduce and demonstrate Disc Golf, Ultimate, Guts, the Overall and Dog Disc. In addition, I’ve gotten to meet lots of disc golfers and hear about the short history of the sport in Atlantic Canada. (more…)